Behavior adalah salah satu atribut dalam Construct 2 yang sangat penting. Behavior digunakan untuk mengatur object di dalam game tersebut. Plugin juga tidak kalah pentingnya, banyak plugin yang dibuat gratis untuk membuat game anda lebih sempurna.


Di bawah ini adalah kumpulan link behavior dan plugin gratis untuk Construct 2.


MoveTo by rexrainbow

Swing by rexrainbow

Step by rexrainbow

Cooldown by rexrainbow

Behavior Ninja by rexrainbow

Zigzag by rexrainbow

Gleam by rexrainbow

Timer by rexrainbow

Turret Behavior by Fimbul

Grid based sight by 00Rez

Spaceship Movement by Fimbul

jj_Weapon by JohnJ

jj_pinEx by JohnJ

Ease Transition by GauVeldt

Pin – Get pinned object UID by Pode

Cartesian by Joe7

SpriteExt by rexrainbow

SplinePath by Pode

Extract Sprite to base64 string by Pode

Inject base64 string as Sprite Image by Pode

PathFinder by 00rez

Autotile by 00rez

Recolor Sprite by Pode

Sprite Effects & inject Text on Sprite by Pode

Image effect for Sprite by Pode

Grid Move by rexrainbow

Car physics by CodeMasterMike

Scrolling for text by rexrainbow

Typing (for text plugin) by rexrainbow

Boundary by rexrainbow

Gravitation (for physics behavior) by rexrainbow

Revive by rexrainbow

Runaway Sprite by rfisher

Duration by rexrainbow

LiteTween by lunarray

Event system by 00Rez

Typing (for text plugin) by rexrainbow

Cooldown mask by rexrainbow

Face detection by Pode

Container Tag by rexrainbow

Text properties (for text plugin) by rexrainbow

Nickname by rexrainbow

MazeNav by rfisher

rex_button by rexrainbow

Multiplayer behavior (+ online demo) by Velojet

Boids flocking by tanoshimi

Monopoly movement by rexrainbow

Platform+ enhanced by hazneliel

Drag scale by rexrainbow

Store reference by Azis

Boundto layout Plus / ScrollTo Plus by blackhornet

Tween to effect by rexrainbow

rex_gsfm by rexrainbow

Radar chart by rexrainbow

PointerPos by Noncentz705

rex_LJpotential by rexrainbow

rex_light by rexrainbow

Animation loader (load all animations from URL) by rexrainbow

Circle by mutuware

Fade Adv by shinkan

Chipmunk Physics by R0j0hound

Emitter by hazneliel

Container helper by Prominent

Animation list by Prominent

Destroy inside of layout by Sailer

State Machine by anpur

Character generator by hmmg

rex_Boids by rexrainbow

EasyStar.js pathfinding for tilemap by Magistross

AutoComplete by hmmg

Isometric by R0j0hound

Parallax background for side scrolling games by Zed2100

Shake (not camera) by luizgama

Fader by Colludium

Ground Follow (enhancement for Platform) by Mimiste

Tween (tween.js and bezier-easing) by Colludium

Dock by Yaottabyte

Pin + by Prominent

TimeScale Ratio by skymen

Action Sequence by skymen

Polar Coordinates by skymen

Instance variable control by skymen

Box behavior by yojona Commercial

Box2D+ (asm.js r2.3.0; v1.07) by Colludium Commercial

SpriteFont Deluxe by skymen Commercial

Bounded Drag and Drop by ChadoriReborn


HTMLString by Pode

WebFont by Pode

HTML Query String by PixelRebirth

Canvas by R0j0hound

System date and time by rexrainbow

CSV by rexrainbow

Function by rexrainbow

Timeline by rexrainbow

WorkSheet by rexrainbow

Pause by rexrainbow

Wait Event by rexrainbow

RandomPlus by cow_trix

Extra expressions by Mipey

SpriteFont by Mipey

WebSocket by Zack0Wack0

RandomArray by Joe7

Call JavaScript by Joe7

PassC2Value by Joe7

SwitchCase by Wastrel

Clock by yarfapet

Data Structures in Associative Lists by Magistross

CB Hash (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256) by Kyatric

ComboBox by septeven

Dialog Box by septeven

Radio and checkbox by septeven

AJAX POSTer by jessejoh

Jessejoh’s HTML Elements pack (div, img, iframe) by jessejoh

LIFO Stack by Geo

Instance Bank by rexrainbow

Hash table by rexrainbow

Bitwise operation by Yann

Log Text & Objects to Chrome Console by wgfunstorm

iScroll by septeven

While-loop by rexrainbow

Unistroke Gesture Recognizer by Pode

Multiline Box by septeven

Toggle button (iOs style) by septeven

Time manager by CodeMasterMike

ajaxPost by Joe7

iOSDialogs by septeven

3D object (alpha) by Joe7

SVG Canvas by pode

Pokki by rexrainbow

MathFunction by Joe7

iFrame filter by rexrainbow

Multi Touch by yumyum

Square with fill and outline by shinkan

Instance Group by rexrainbow

UITemplates by Pode

SystemExt by rexrainbow

FileSaver by Pode

3D using copperlicht by Juantar

TMX importer by rexrainbow

FileReader by Pode

Textbox Addon by septeven

Load JSON by Joe7

c2i – canvas/base64/screenshot to image by Joe7

A* (astar) by 00rez

SpriteURL by 0plus1

Pode HTML pack by Pode

PDF Creator by Pode

Cookies by Ubivis

Board,SquareTx,HexTx by rexrainbow

Image button by septeven

Sentry by pckhoi

Base64 Audio by Pode

Text highlighter by Pode

FacebookMod by juantar

Tiled sprite by SirG

Drop shadow Text by ramones, leaderboards and achievements by austin

Metro/Windows 8 by iunkn

Microphone record and compress by Pode

Scenario by rexrainbow

playMobi for appMobi by tap

appMobi by tap

Base32k by Pode

QR Code by Pode

Zack0Wack0’s mod by JohnnySheffield

Container by rexrainbow

Qr Code decoder by Pode

Matcher by rexrainbow

Magicam for C2 by linkman2004

Chromanin – Procedural texture generation by Pode

Nickname by rexrainbow

Drag ‘n Drop zone by Pode

Google map by septeven

PostMessage: Messages between iFrames by Pode

Deflate by afgho

DrawSprite by rfisher

Pattern generator by rexrainbow

Sequence matcher by rexrainbow

FunctionExt by rexrainbow

.CUR mouse cursors by thehen

SLG_Movement by rexrainbow

JSONTMX Importer by rexrainbow

Seed random by 00Rez

Detect CPU type on windows 8 by thehen

rex_layer by rexrainbow

Node-Webkit by JohnnySheffield

Node-Webkit Node.js OS module by JohnnySheffield

Node-Webkit Node.js PATH module by JohnnySheffield

Node-Webkit Node.js FS module by JohnnySheffield

Facebook 2.0 (DEPRECATED) by lanceal

Facebook 2.0 by lanceal – Commercial

Undo/Redo by rexrainbow

Layout to board by rexrainbow

DropBox by septeven

Polygon by Yann

Import (previously known as CSS Import) by McKack

Chess Bank by rexrainbow

Windows phone by thehen

Facebook Advanced by lanceal

Algorithms by XGDragon

Time-Action Recorder and Player by rexrainbow

Fuzzy by rexrainbow

Event balancer, Loop iterator by rexrainbow

DataList by septeven Advertisement by austin

Date to string by SilentBob92PL

Advertising in Windows Store App by atxryan

MIDI by blackhornet

Show text by sprites by rexrainbow

Screen by Joannesalfa

SockJS by JohnnySheffield

Notifications by SirG

PubNub Multiplayer by BTGames

Local Leaderboards by 0plus1

Shake by firebelly

BrowserExt by cranberrygame

Blackberry 10 by WaterlooErik

GameMix Cross-Promotion by GameMix

PhonegapAndroid by cranberrygame

SpriteButton by coatesjetset

Board Design Time by cranberrygame

Paster by R0j0hound

RB Vector by namkatz

FancyBox by SirG

Sprite Sheet by R0j0hound

Flurry analytics by thehen

Firebase by tlarkworthy

SpriteFont+ by thechriskent

PeerJS by R0j0hound

Tag text by rexrainbow

CocoonJS Android Back Button by androidtimo

Photon cloud plugin (multiplayer games) by Deko

Function-like Namespaces by ScottA

NoiseJS by PixelRebirth

AJAX-RSA by Shakalu

Mosaic Tiles by blackhornet

GameJolt API by YellowAfterlife

Synaptop API by Robsta

Spilgames HTML5 Game API by PixelRebirth

Mouse lock by TiAm

rex_gsfm by rexrainbow

Nuggeta by bidon0007

Q3D by QuaziGNRLnose – Commercial

Color Picker by Noncentz705

Newgrounds Alfa by Raiper341

Mobile Push/Local Notifications (CocoonJS) by sergyperov – Commercial

Open street map by Hussein

Mobile camera CocoonJS by sergyperov – Commercial

Google Analytics by suntemple

Argv by Noncentz705

Construct2 monetisation-related plugins by Cordova by cranberrygame – Some free and others are commercial

Custom Input by Noncentz705

rex tmx importer v2 by rexrainbow

Share V2 by stctr – Commercial

nwPop – Manage multiple windows by Noncentz705

Parse – Cloud data by Arne – Commercial plugin

Phonegap Manual PushPlugin by gizmodude4

Cross platform clipboard access by skelooth

Mini Board by rexrainbow

rex_fnCallPkg by rexrainbow

Paypal payments by lanceal

WebSQLDatabase by cranberrygame

Roguelike C2 rot.js interface by Lunarovich

Keyboard location by oopwngoo

Dialogs by PixelRebirth

NFC by armaldio

Rex_Firebase by rexrainbow

rex_ListCtrl by rexrainbow

Listview by hmmg

FlatUi Button by hmmg

Nosy Facetype by hmmg

Photon Cloud by The Photons

Star Rating by hmmg

Table (2D Dictionary) by troublesum

Storage (3D Dictionary) by troublesum

Self hosted open source PHP leaderboard for C2 by htejera

HTML and JS extensions for C2 and ELGG by bitlab

UID2prop (get properties by UID) by rexrainbow

Send real SMS by armaldio

jSFXR by Oxnard

Matrix effect by hmmg

Settingser – Get settings from external .js file by stctr

LayoutTransitions by hmmg

ProTracker by Gigatron

Chromecast by mneilly

iFrame and HTMLInsert by Nandynho

Textbox addon v2.0 by Nandynho

2D Starfield by Gigatron

FPS monitor by Gigatron

3D Starfield by Gigatron

Gesture control with Intel RealSense 3D Camera by bangTop

Animated loader by Gigatron

Secure data by DeXVinogradov

2D Starfield Shape by Gigatron

Color by Nandynho

Smart random by blackhornet

Node Downloader by mqt

Cordova Send SMS by lanceal – Commercial

Native like transition -> Layout Transition v2 by hmmg

AirConsole – Local multiplayer for your game by FraConsole

Video Call by hmmg

Simple Encryption/Decryption by socialpilgrim

Send emails with Construct by armaldio

Youtube Player by rexrainbow

Plugin Tin Can by wmsvga

Seeded Random Number Generator by Kyatric – Commercial

BBCode Text by rexrainbow

Weather Infos by Acey – Commercial

Cordova AdMobPro by Josek5494

Cordova Power Management by Josek5494

Translate by armaldio

Cordova AdMobFree by Josek5494

Cordova SocialSharing by Josek5494

Contacts by armaldio

Cordova Push Notifications with OneSignal service by Josek5494

Cordova Statusbar Free by Josek5494

Cordova Unique Device ID by Josek5494

mkArray (arrays on runtime) by mattkingz

Cordova open native settings (Android and iOS) by Josek5494

JSON by Nandynho

Cordova device orientation by Josek5494

Cordova Native Dialogs by Josek5494

Cordova Facebook connect by Josek5494 – Commercial

PushJS by andykenobi

rex_taffydb (local database) by rexrainbow

Scorm 1.2 / 2004 by Mimiste

SweetAlert 2 by andykenobi

Not Quite Random by Colludium

Circle Menu by Nandynho

Babylon3D for Construct 2: Scene loader edition by X3M – Commercial

Keyboard emulator by Psychokiller1888

Facebook 2 by BackendFreak

New Grounds API V3 by rexrainbow

TR_System by BackendFreak

Colyseus client adapter by PaulPoy

AirConsole Controller Maker by X3M

Globals by BackendFreak

rex_frame_message by rexrainbow

Ads Mediation-Admob,Applovin,Chartboost,Unity,Vungle by Verstala – Commercial

MathParser by pokka – Commercial integration by paala

TR_ClockParser by BackendFreak

Comment layout by FrezerTop

Value monitor by skymen

Text alignement by skymen

Text2Speech by asmodean

Action Sequence by skymen

SpriteFont + Cleaned by Chris Kent/BackEndFreak

Audio Stream by norman74

Box2D+ Platform Behavior v1.04 by Colludium – Requires the commercial behavior Box2D+

Javascript (C2/C3) by valerypopoff

Sweet Alert II by Nandynho

More Cursors by FrezerTop

Cheat Codes by yojona – Commercial

Change/Replace CSS ID of input form objects by Thndr

Number to alias / Big number by uesugichezt

Simple Native-like Mouselock by TheRealDannyyy

Gesture Recognizer with multi-stroke support by yojona Commercial

SpriteFont Deluxe by skymen Commercial

Stack by skymen

Queue by skymen

MQTT by lele

JSON by Yann

Serial port by ikzq

Download via url by marceloborghi


Construct 2 Plugin Maker by Naji

Sprite Font Generator by blackhornet

C2 Plugin Creator and Store by armaldio

Array content editor by DeXVinogradov

SC2 Manager by St4rDu57

Plugin Manage by armaldio

PluginManager by ConstructorCommu

C2 2D Array JSON generator by chadorireborn